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About Comet Vomit

About Comet Vomit

My name is Tiffany! I'm a proud daughter of an immigrant, a feminist and a fighter for equal rights and love for all. I was born in NJ, grew up in Ohio, spent time living in TX and KY and now I'm settled down (at least for now!) in Nashville, TN and I absolutely love it here!

Comet Vomit began with a few sketches in a notebook and a dream. I was obsessed with nail polish. I had racks full of polish and I always wanted more. When I found out about indie brands, I began obsessively researching them. I wanted to learn everything I could about making nail polish. I loved it. 

In January of 2013 I used my Christmas bonus from work to purchase enough materials to start making polish. My friends and family immeadiately jumped to support me in this endevor. Before I knew it, I was making custom polishes, creating an etsy store and selling nail polish to friends while working at the bar in the evenings. Wow! I suddendly had my own business.

In October of that year I sold polishes at a comic convention and had a blast! Soon I was selling at local craft markets and building my online catalog.

A couple of years later a super cool guy swept me off my feet and my life landed me in the heart of Music City! Since moving to Nashville, I've grown my brand so much. I've also become co-founder of a monthly beauty box Comet Comforts with my best friend Allison, who owns SoCo Fragrance Company.

My polishes are all based on things that I'm passionate about. I love sci-fi, space, science, musical theatre etc.

I'm thrilled to make monthly donations to charites like Planned Parenthood, ACLU and Kitten Lady, thanks to the support of my amazing customers.


  • Where the heck did the name Comet Vomit come from?

I had been thinking a lot about what I wanted to name my company. I was sketching some pictures in my notebook and watching a Stephen Hawking documentary. In the film, they took him up in the Vomit Comet so that he could experience zero-G. It was so much fun to watch and in my sketch book I wrote down the words Vomit Comet. It's named as such because... well, because a lot of people puke in zero G... anyhow, I looked back on the words later and transposed them... looked at and laughed and decided that was it. I wanted my nail polish to look like something a magical comet would puke out.

  • Isn't that gross? Do you think you're alienating customers because of that name?

Honestly, I think it's all in good fun. I'm not looking for massive fame or to be sold in stores. Plenty of brands have products that they call Unicorn Snot or Unicorn Poop or Vomit or whatever. It doesn't bother me. Plus it rhymes. I'm into it. Also a comet is an object. The phrase "Comet Vomit" really makes me think more of space dust than actual puke. People have tried to talk me out of it many times over the years, but I'm sticking to it! 

  • What if I want to buy a polish from you for my mom and grandma and I know she'll love the polish, but be turned off by the label?

No problem! Let me know and I can swap the label for a totally tame "Music City Multicolor" label! 

  • Are your products cruety free?

Yes! All of my suppliers are cruelty free, which means none of them test on animals. That's really important to me. MOST of my products are vegan, but some of the micas I use have carmine in them. I explain which products are or are not vegan in the descriptions. I've stopped making any new polishes that aren't vegan, but some of the most popular shades in my shop I've been unable reformulate as vegan at this time.

  • What does five free mean?

It means that my polishes are all formulated without the top five toxic chemicals you may find in drugstore and other mainstream nail polishes: Dibutyl Phthalate or DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

  • Why can't you ship my order out RIGHT NOW? 

Sorry! I have a full time job and a really busy schedule. I do my best to get orders out as quickly as I can!

  • I love these Hamilton and Catventures nail polishes, but I don't like the tall Boston bottles. Can I get these in regular nail polish bottles?

Of course! Shoot me a note when you order and I can put them in normal round bottles with flat brushes like my other lines come in.  I personally love the boston bottles and so do many of my customers, but I know they're not for everyone! 

  • Can I buy Comet Comforts polishes on your site?

Comet Comforts products are made exclusively for the monthly boxes. Every once in a while we MAY have some left over products which are sold on our sites, but it's only happened once or twice. Comet Comfort exclusive polishes will NEVER be sold here before or during the sale duration of the boxes. 

  • Can you give me free or discounted products to review on my blog/IG/FB etc?

Right now I'm not currently offering items to people for reviews. I honestly have as much business as I can handle in the time I have to work on it. If I decide to send out items for reviews or promotion, I will post on my instagram looking for interested parties. (CometVomitCosmetics on IG)

  • Do you have to promote your political views in your shop?

I honestly don't consider equal rights as political agenda. If someone doesn't approve of my views and that makes them not want to shop with me, that's okay I guess.