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  • Northern Lights Thermal Polish

    This lovely new thermal polish is so beautiful! My new favorite, for sure. 

    When warm, this polish is a pastel teal. When cold, it's purple! I've added spectraflair so this formula has a beautiful holographic effect. I hope you love it as much as I do!

  • Comet Packs!

    Comet Packs are a great way to try out colors before commiting to a full size bottle. They're also a great way to get a variety of colors if you know you don't paint your nails often enough to need larger bottles. They cost less than two full size bottles and come in this fun, customizable packaging. 

    You can request colors from any of my lines mixed into these packs. They can be found right here in the multipack section of my shop

  • The Upcoming Comet Comforts Box will be Self Care themed!

    Self care isn't selfish! We know the world is a crazy place and it's hard to deal with sometimes. We all need to take care of ourselves. This box will be packed full of things to help you give youself the love you deserve!

    In this box you'll find a nude nail polish made by me! A pale almond color with hints of pink.

    A super perk-me-up fun fragrance roll on by Allison from SoCo Fragrance Company- with notes of lychee, peony, geranium, sugar, white musk, and a touch of apple! 

    A soothing lavender essential oil inhaler, which Allison and I got to make together! Perfect for a little much-deserved aroma therapy. These are great for getting chilled out right before bed.

    A calming bath tea made by Allison! These sachets are filled with chamomile, mineral salts, red rose and other comforting and skin soothing ingredients.

    You'll also receive a super cute sleep mask for when you need a little extra help getting some shut eye! Allison and I both love sleep masks, so we hope you'll love these too!

    We'll definitely be throwing in some other little goodies as well! These boxes will go up for pre-sale on the 24th of March! Get ready! Only 30 boxes will be made!

  • Last chance for Star Wars Comet Comforts Boxes!

    Comet Comforts is launching pre-sales for our upcoming self care box on March 24th! We still have a few of the Star Wars resistance themed boxes left in stock! You can grab one here and they are ready to ship within 24 hours of purchase. They're going to be gone for good after this weekend! This box is overflowing with Star Wars goodness from Comet Vomit, SoCo Fragrances, Whiskey Mermaid Co and Glitter Elixirs! 

  • Fresh pages...

    Whenever I buy a new journal or notebook, I have the hardest time writing on the first page. There it is... it's just so clean and pure and I'm looking at it wondering what I need to write to justify destroying it. Often times, I end up flipping over a few pages and starting on one of those pages, thinking maybe someday I will go back to those first couple of pages eventually. Once I think of something more interesting to write or draw or do.

    This, right now, is a brand new webpage with a brand new blog... I don't have the choice to flip ahead, so Im just going to jump right in.

    If you're new to my brand, welcome! I am a lover of space and science and other sort of nerdy things. I choose to create most of my polishes based on these things. 

    I love Star Trek and will gladly tell anyone all about why Deep Space Nine is the best version of Star Trek. (Seriously, I could talk about this for hours, don't get me started...)

    I love space and space travel. I'm obsessed with telescopes and nebulae and planets... Comets and meteors have long been a passion of mine. Most of my polishes and their names are inspired by space.

    I also have a full blown obsession with the smash hit Broadway musical Hamilton: An American Musical. I created an entire line based on Hamilton and I hope you all love it as much as I do. It's been some of my best-selling stuff of all time.

    I was lucky enough to see Hamilton in October of 2016. My first Broadway musical! 

    Well, that's a bit about how I create. I'll be updating this blog with current Comet Vomit news and information about my sister-project Comet Comforts